ZHUCHONGYUN enters Shanghai for the first time, Citic Pacific Plaza leads the era of design brands

Chinese-American designers are now the mainstay of the global fashion industry. From Anna Sui and Vera Wang with old qualifications, to the new generation of Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, to more and more attention Phillip Lim and so on, their work is simple Implicit, not too much emphasis on Chinese elements, has a strong sense of the city, has been recognized by the world and even sought after, has long been the eye-catching big-name fashion week.

(April 12, 2014) Chinese-American designers are now the mainstay of the global fashion industry, from Anna Sui and Vera Wang with old qualifications, to the new generation of Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, to the more and more concerned Phillip Lim And so on, their works are concise and subtle, they do not overemphasize the Chinese elements, have a strong sense of the city, and are recognized and even sought after by the world. They have long been the eye-catching big names in the fashion week. With the opening of the Shanghai Fashion Week in April, the performance of Chinese designers and their outstanding works during Fashion Week has become more and more amazing. In the process of international big-name entry into the Chinese market, Chinese brands have finally thrived with more creativity and vitality. China's fashion industry is entering the design era.

The ZHUCHONGYUN brand showrooms and shops at CITIC Square

As the first international brand with its own independent values, ZHUCHONGYUN entered Shanghai for the first time and held a VIP preview with the theme of “Vulture and Beginning” at the CITIC Plaza, a stylish landmark on Nanjing West Road, opening its flagship store in Shanghai. Rally. In the static display area, it is full of vitality, interwoven in the bone marrow of the costume, and overflowing with time, the ultimate beauty. The ethereal spirits contain agility, and the illusions are filled with heavy ones. The clear gestures of women are depicted with the introverted feelings that span the time. The ZHUCHONGYUN VIP preview activity will begin on April 12th and will be displayed on the first floor of the courtyard on the first floor of CITIC Plaza in Shanghai. The theme of the show was "The beginning and the beginning". Starting from heaven and earth, all things were born, and natural creations always followed one another and come back again and again. Nanguo Liangyue, ZHUCHONGYUN inks the light of Jiguang plague on the vast plains of the earth. The cloud and haze of the green and green landscape paints the primitive and ethereal nature. It is intended to explore the essence of China in its bones—respecting nature and understanding Zen.
CITIC Pacific Square has always been different from the one-size-fits-all domestic comprehensive shopping malls, and strives to provide multiple choices for the Shanghai aristocrats who pay attention to individuality and pursue quality. Apart from LANCEL, CORNELIANI, MaxMara, Chloé, MONTBLANC, GIVETCHY, Pierre Balmain, ARMANI COLLEZIONI and other world top brands, Citic Pacific Plaza has a number of independent designer brands, with the exception of the recent hot designer brands ( EXCEPTION de MIXMIND), as well as a new IT concept store that occupies an entire three-story building with an area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters, CITIC Pacific Plaza is home to many more women such as MARELLA, it MICHAA, PANDORA, ICICLE, INSUN, ARTIS, and blinkgallery. The brands loved by consumers form a high-end fashion shopping model featuring foreign famous brands, local designer brands, multi-brand integrated stores, fashion brands, and lifestyle brands. This time, the opening of ZHUCHONGYUN's first flagship store in Shanghai is bound to create a new fashion boutique for CITIC Pacific Square, leading the wave of Chinese design brands and helping Shinsei.

About CITIC Square

CITIC Pacific Plaza is an international, first-class, high-standard integrated commercial property invested by Hong Kong CITIC Pacific Co., Ltd. It was completed in May 2000. CITIC Pacific Plaza is located on Nanjing West Road, which is famous for its long history in Shanghai and gathered in Huayang. It has excellent location and unlimited business opportunities. It is surrounded by a group of luxury commercial buildings and hotels, which together form Shanghai's most modern and most international business district. The square covers an area of ​​14,500 square meters and has a total construction area of ​​132,000 square meters. The overall structure is divided into three parts: shopping malls, office buildings and parking lots. The mall environment is elegant, comfortable and harmonious. More than a hundred international and domestic famous brand stores and European, American, Asia-Pacific and Hong Kong-Taiwan flavored food and beverage shops are integrated into one, showing the extraordinary atmosphere of “atmosphere, foreign gas, and elegant atmosphere” and experiencing the details. The noble quality of care has become an ideal place for citizens to enjoy their lifestyle.


ZHUCHONGYUN creates an international brand with its own independent values ​​in the name of the designer. It embodies the soul of people, philosophy of life, and literary ideology. It deeply pursues the beauty that life never touched, and displays the unique charm of high-end women's thought and art.

The ZHUCHONGYUN brand is a high-end women's thought and art lifestyle brand launched by Marisfrolg Fashion Co., Ltd.

In the development of the Marisfrolg brand, from the perspective of market operations, to innovative design and perspectives on the industry, the company is advancing the development of a brand that can represent the independence of China and represent the cultural spirit of present or modern Chinese people. ZHUCHONGYUN will not only represent clothing, but also give it a lifestyle brand with oriental thinking. It will use the value of the idea of ​​art as a blueprint for the blueprint, and serve the high-end women with independent thoughts and values, aiming at consumers’ in-depth pursuit of life. The pure and elegant, refined and simple artistic temperament is the foundation of design and meets the independent woman with rich inner heart and peaceful attitude. To create the best living conditions for its independent thoughts, to promote an international art brand with the independent values ​​of China. Explore the beauty that high-end female consumers have never touched, and interpret women's infinite pursuit of the beauty of life.

ZHUCHONGYUN "The beginning of Wu Wu"

Wu Xing

The sleek and smooth silhouette dyed lines in the middle of the Harmony Show Road and regained harmony in the light and shadow. In the walking room, the elegant and graceful charm of the female is reflected in the robe. In the shadow of light, we feel the mingling of the respiratory pulse and the air, and the interlacing of the jungle in the clothing.

Wu table

Classic black and white gray minimalist pure colors, adorned with earthy colors such as Mikaqi, gray and blue, together with overflowing light and shade, colorful images like flowing poetry and poetry, slowly telling, quietly sighing, simple but quiet and silent In the time when the cloud is rolling, the cloud is rolling out.

Wu Qiao

Intricate craftsmanship re-engraved the original posture of nature, contaminated, old, natural folds and hand-cut and other crafts to highlight the exquisite texture and sense of value of the precious material, with its silky texture and emphasis on clothing expression Force and drama tension. Coupled with an extremely design-conscious line profile, women walk in the glorious independence of the world.

Wu Nei

The mottled traces of copying nature, such as ink calligraphy, meticulous flowers and birds, and freehand brushstrokes, are compatible with the movement of glass and light, and finally return to the silence of all things. In the momentary vision, we explore inwardly the true combination of all these things.

Shaped on the table, feeling good, sinking in the heart. ZHUCHONGYUN listens to the earth's shallow chanting, creates a unique oriental illusion, perceives the pure emptiness of the new born, and interprets the most new Oriental Zen philosophy.

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