Yangzhou jade carving has a high status in the field of carving jade

The ancients said: "Jade is not a weapon," and when the exquisite masters of the exquisite treasures and jade carvings, a piece of beautiful jade carving art treasures will be presented in front of our eyes. The jade world always has the saying of "Hetian jade, Yangzhou workers". This sentence not only reflects the beauty that Hetian jade is incomparable to the king of jade, but also indicates the high status of Yangzhou jade carving in the field of carving jade.

This work uses high quality white jade seed material from Xinjiang. The shape is round and clear. Master Shen Jianyuan has vividly created the image of an old fisherman through various techniques such as high relief and round carving. The fisherman carries two fat and fresh fish, which means that there are more than a year, and double happiness, the fisherman smiles and smiles, showing a joy and peace. The lines of the works are smooth and beautiful, and they are excellent representatives of the hand tools in the jade carving category of Yangzhou.

Carved jade

Master Gao Yijin is a representative figure of Yangzhou jade carving furnace bottle, specializing in the design and manufacture of jade utensils, antiques, beasts and miscellaneous pieces. This work embodies the creative style of Gao Yijin's masters. It uses a variety of carving techniques such as round carvings, enamel carvings and high reliefs. The proportions are beautiful and the structure is rigorous. The lines and stripes are smooth and natural. The ideas are ingenious and the carvings are fine. Xiu Beixiong's long, sleek, refined, honest, atmospheric temperament.

Jasper is a variety of Hetian Yuli. In China, Mars County, the southern margin of the Junggar Basin, has the largest output, so Jasper is also called “Ma Na Si Yu”. Jasper is a kind of nephrite that is translucent and spinach green. Its color and structure are not uniform. Its texture is delicate, such as dark green gelatin, and there are few flaws. It has a slippery feel, grease or waxy luster. It is used to make utensils, and some are used to produce jewelry and jade. It is a superior choice for jade carving crafts.

Textile Cloth

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