Working principle and characteristics of road construction blower

During the construction of expressways, municipal construction and roads and bridges, the sweeping work on the surface of the construction subgrade can be completed by a road construction blower. Before the paver spreads oil, it is necessary to clean the road surface and there must be no debris such as gravel. In the past construction process, manual cleaning was performed. During the construction process, the operation intensity was large, the time was long, the efficiency was low, and the dust on the site was relatively large, and when the special conditions such as the tight schedule were encountered, the work could not be completed on time. Due to delays in the construction period, the economic loss is huge.

The working principle of the road construction purging machine is that the hydraulic motor drives the wire brush or the mixing brush to rotate at a high speed, throwing foreign objects such as stones and sand on the surface of the road foundation into the front bucket. After the bucket is full, it will fall on the outside of the highway. After the sweeping process is completed, a blow operation will be performed. Under the action of the high-power fan, the fine sand and dust remaining on the surface of the road bed can be blown clean. Through repeated tests, after this kind of road construction sweeper sweeping process, the cleanliness requirements of the oiled construction surface can be achieved at one time, which is the best choice for cleaning the construction road machinery! At the same time, this machine can also clean and blow the standard road surface with better results!

In the highway maintenance construction operation, the labor intensity and labor cost of traditional manual operations are greatly reduced, and the construction period is effectively shortened.

Second, the main features

1. Axis transmission: The shaft transmission oil pump is adopted. The transmission mode adopted by the engine and the transmission is to use a heavier transmission shaft to connect the transmission. The four-wheel drive has strong power.

2. Dust storage: The front design of the bucket is adopted to effectively recover the gravel and other raw materials on the road surface, and the raw materials can also be reused after being recycled.

3. Blowing: The design of the tuyere of the road construction blower is active, and it can realize any adjustment of height and angle, and the range of blowing can reach 360 degrees.

4, with a cab: sweeper in the construction process, dust is particularly large, all-sealed cab to avoid the driver contact with a lot of dust.

5. Cleaning: The cleaning roller drives the high-speed rotation through the hydraulic motor to realize the cleaning function, and the cleaning roller is easy to disassemble and install. It can realize the replacement of the whole group and the single-piece brush, which is convenient and quick.

6. Multifunctional: Optional milling and pulling device can realize the milling and pulling function of the road surface, and can assemble pushes, forks, shovels, grabs, drills and other appliances to realize snow pushing, snow sweeping, bulldozing, and forklifts. Loading, grabbing, drilling, etc., a multi-purpose machine.

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