Water glass expanded perlite processing technology

Water glass expanded perlite products processing technology The quality requirements for raw materials used in the production of cullet expanded perlite products are as follows.

Expanded perlite: The bulk density is ≤120kg/m3. Water glass: modulus 2.4 to 3, density 1.38 to 1.42 g/m3, concentration 38 to 42 ° Bé (pome). Red mud: aluminum industrial waste, chemical composition SiO2>22%, Al2O3<6%, Fe2O3>8%, CaO<48%, H2O<3%. Typical formulations for the production of fire-resistant glass expanded perlite products are shown in the table below. Fireproof water glass expanded perlite products typical formula

material Compression ratio /% Mass ratio /% Product quality index 1 Remarks
Expanded perlite 1.8 43.6 Dry bulk density 240~300kg/m 3 ; pressure 0.6~1.7MPa; normal temperature thermal conductivity 0.047~0.08W/(m·K); high temperature thermal conductivity 0.071~0.115W/(m·K) The mass ratio of cement to expanded perlite is (1 ~ 1.3): (0.4 ~ 1); the amount of coagulant (sodium fluorosilicate) is 10% ~ 14% of the amount of water glass
Water glass 1.8 54.6
Red mud 1.8

1 The maximum operating temperature is 600 to 650 °C. The production process is as follows:

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