Want to buy a refrigerated truck? We teach you how to choose

An important part of low temperature cold chain logistics is refrigerated transport. The key to the transportation process is the reliability and stability of the refrigerated trucks during refrigerated transport. Usually, the three parts of the automobile chassis, the heat preservation box and the refrigeration unit constitute the road transport refrigerated truck. Therefore, the choice of refrigerated trucks we mainly look at these three parts.

1, the choice of refrigerated truck chassis:

It is relatively easy when choosing the chassis of a car. For the chassis we can only choose to meet the national standards for environmental protection (such as the national four refrigerated trucks, the national five refrigerated trucks, etc.), regardless of tonnage, domestic or imported, are the same requirements. The purchase of the chassis is the same whether the customer purchases the aircraft or the manufacturer of the aircraft.

2, the choice of Refrigerator body:

When choosing the cabinet, we have to consider what kind of goods we ship. Different types of goods require different cabinets. Refrigerated vehicles like fresh meat should have custom hooks inside the box; refrigerators that deliver goods to different stores must have multi-temperature cabinets, etc. We can customize them as manufacturers.

3, refrigerated trucks refrigeration unit selection:

(1) Choose according to the size of the refrigerated compartment: The unit We have two types, one is an independent unit and the other is a non-independent unit. In general, a car with a height of 6 m or more is suitable for selecting independent units. The size of an independent unit can be determined according to the length of the car. Non-independent units shall be used for the carriages below 6 meters, where the room temperature is to reach -20 °C.

(2) According to the temperature requirements of the goods shipped by the refrigerated truck : The cryogenic unit or the fresh-keeping unit can be selected. From the perspective of price, it is relatively cheap to keep fresh units. For an inexpensive fresh-keeping unit, the unit itself does not have a defrosting function, and even if some fresh-keeping units claim to be below minus ten degrees, it is an exaggeration.

(4) According to the origin and brand of the refrigerator: You can use imported or domestic brands.

When selecting a unit, here we must tell you that whether it is a domestic unit or an imported unit, the unit's temperature sensor must be installed in the position of the evaporating dish, because the sensor is installed in the return air or exhaust position, the temperature of the display There will be an error of 5 degrees Celsius.

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