Thousand yuan custom jewelry is not a dream


In the era of personalization, if a jewelry is specially tailored for you, it must be a very fortunate thing. Most people think that, like clothing haute couture, jewelry haute couture also has a dauntingly high price, but it is not. "If the customer provides the original stone, and the required craftsmanship is not cumbersome, thousands of dollars can realize the dream of jewelry customization." Personalized jewelry design, high-end custom brand - Baoji custom consultant Dong Shirong told reporters.

Custom jewelry is more concerned with design

For consumers with beautiful rough stones, custom jewellery may provide them with a new way of spending. According to Dong Shirong, precious metals with gems are usually divided into five types: gold, platinum, rose gold, silver and platinum. The designer will first design the jewelry style according to the size and shape of the original stone, and then recommend the suitable metal material according to the original stone type. “For bright and beautiful topaz and olivine, in order to maximize the visual effect, it is best to use gold and rose gold. Conversely, if the color is clear and clear, the aquamarine and diamond are the best choice. Platinum and platinum match it," said Dong Shirong.

The weight of the original stone is also a part of the design that can not be ignored, especially the necklace, which needs to consider the bearing weight of the chain. Dong Shirong pointed out that if the weight of the gemstone exceeds 20 carats, no matter what kind of metal chain, as long as the thickness is less than 2 mm, it is easy to cause breakage due to difficulty in carrying weight.

Craft, material determines the price

With a rigorous and stylish design, will the price rise? the answer is negative. "People have some misunderstandings about the jewellery haute couture. They believe that all customizations must be linked to high prices. In fact, the price depends on the production process, precious metal materials and dosage. Not all custom prices are unacceptable."

For example, Dong Shirong said that the 20-carat aquamarine necklace is used. For the metal dosage, if the chain is made of 20-inch long and 2 mm thick white gold, and without any decoration, the price is only about 2,500 yuan; if other conditions are not Change, the chain length becomes 22 inches, and the price is about 3,000 yuan. As far as metal is concerned, if platinum is exchanged for platinum, the price of a 20-inch chain is 5,000 yuan; the price of a 22-inch is 6,000 yuan. As far as the craft is concerned, if you want to embellish a small diamond as a decoration, the price of a diamond is only about 100 yuan. “That is to say, according to the above-mentioned gemstone weight calculation, with a 20-inch long, 2 mm thick white gold necklace, and then set 50 small diamonds, the total price we make is not more than 10,000 yuan."

Production cycle is greatly shortened

With the advancement of technology, the cycle of jewellery haute couture has also been greatly shortened. It used to take two or three months of customized projects, and now it takes about 15 days to complete. Dong Shirong said: "After determining the design plan, we will produce a 3D design plan within two days. Through this picture, the customer can visually see the appearance, structure, craft and size of the jewelry in 360 degrees, thus reducing the guest's request. The time required to repeat the adjustment of the finished product details or dimensions."

However, there are certain risks associated with any production. Dong Shirong suggested that consumers should go to an authoritative appraisal agency for identification before the original stone is delivered, and sign a formal contract with the production company and purchase insurance. "The price of insurance is usually 4% of the original price of the gemstone. In the process of production, if the gem is damaged, the insurance company will compensate according to the original price of the gemstone." Dong Shirong said.

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