Small area pavement repair takes only half an hour? It means no pressure

The new asphalt road maintenance vehicle can independently complete the repair of damaged roads in a short time, which greatly reduces the impact of the construction on the expressway. It changed the way to repair roads in the past and closed some roads. It not only reduces the labor intensity of the municipal workers, but also saves much time compared to the traditional process. The general road maintenance only takes half an hour, improving the timeliness of road maintenance.

New asphalt road maintenance vehicle features:

1. The road maintenance vehicles work in a simple way

Sanitation workers only need to remove the damaged road first, the road maintenance vehicle sprays out the heated bitumen pit, and then uses the small road roller equipped on the car to flatten the road surface, and once again, the road surface is leveled, and the entire construction process is completed. Very short.

2. Small impact on traffic during construction

Most provincial highways are often crushed by heavy vehicles and are prone to localized damage. If road repair methods are used in the past, it is often necessary to close some roads. This new type of road maintenance truck can repair damaged roads on its own in a short time. Greatly reduced the impact of construction on the expressway on traffic.

For maintenance of 5 square meters of engineering capacity, 8 to 10 maintenance workers are required to cooperate with 6 to 8 sets of various implements according to the traditional process, which takes 1 hour to complete; currently only 3 to 5 maintenance workers are equipped with the comprehensive conservation vehicle, approximately It takes 30 minutes.

3. Improved road maintenance conditions

The road maintenance vehicle has the effect of carrying heat preservation and can ensure the initial pressure temperature of asphalt concrete for a long time, so that the road maintenance conditions in winter can be improved. Effectively solve the problem of winter road maintenance can not use hot materials to ensure that the winter road caused by rain and snow can be treated in a timely manner to eliminate potential safety hazards.

Road maintenance truck is a new type of asphalt pavement maintenance equipment. It is designed for repairing pits, cracks, subsidence and other diseases caused by the use of asphalt pavement. It is flexible, efficient, safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and repairable. High efficiency, good repair quality and many other superior performance. The equipment adopts integrated intensive design and comprehensively supports equipment such as slitting machines, rock drills, blowers, charging vehicles, fuel injectors, and road rollers, which greatly improves work efficiency.

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