Scenic sightseeing vehicle summer driving skills

With the gradual increase of tourism development projects and gradual optimization of the scenic environment, tourist attractions in the area gradually increased. As a new mode of transport, the scenic tourist vehicle is popular with tourists because of its large passenger capacity, low fares, and convenient excursions. However, in crowded areas, it is necessary to pay attention to the safe driving of sightseeing vehicles. The place.


As the hot summer is approaching and high temperature strikes, the scenic tourist car must pay special attention to checking the technical condition of the vehicle frequently, focusing on checking the safe parts of the vehicle and forbidding the driving of the sick car on the road. Before driving, the driver must ensure sufficient rest and sleep, keep his energetic, and do not fatigue driving the vehicle. At the same time, it is necessary to control the speed of the vehicle and avoid driving at high speeds for too long, so as to avoid causing excessive engine or tire temperature. The dynamics of non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians should be closely watched during the trip to prevent accidents. In recent years, major scenic spots have successively experienced the loss of control over driving of tourist vehicles and injuries to tourists, resulting in serious personal and property losses. This undoubtedly sounded the alarm bell for the tourist car operation in scenic spots in the future. Sightseeing tourist vehicles in the area must do the following in summer:

1, pay attention to observe the tire temperature

It is not advisable to drive for a long time in summer. Every 2 hours or after a certain distance, check the temperature of the tire while taking a proper rest. When you find that the pressure of the tire has risen due to overheating, try to park it in a shade or shade. Next, let the tires naturally cool down and decompress, and you can't use deflation or cold water to reduce the tire pressure and temperature.

2, refused to fatigue driving, drink driving, speeding

Fatigue driving, drunk driving, and speeding are the culprits that cause traffic accidents. They should be resolutely eliminated in both public transport and scenic areas.

3, should be cautious when traveling at night

Although there are more street lights in the area at night, this does not mean that you cannot take it lightly. Before driving, you should check all the lights and mirrors to ensure that the lights are normal and the mirrors are clean. The car at night should coordinate with the other vehicle to change far and near lights to observe the situation ahead.

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