Peaceful and nothing has been like this!


Many jade carving works now have the meaning of evil spirits, and the patterns they display are carefully designed. So, do you know what the original peace and trouble card is like? Want to know the reason? The following small series will tell you about its origins!

Nothing is from the hand of the late Ming jade carving master Lu Zigang. There are many jade cards he has carved, and one of them has such a jade surface without any ornamentation. But because of its monotony, it is different from other jade cards and gets attention. People think that it has a "no decoration" and "nothing" homonym on the surface, so it firmly believes in the implication of exorcism and disaster relief, peace and health. Later, some people named it "Peaceful Nothing" and it was widely used by the people.

Ping An Nothing Card is not only related to the folk, but also related to Buddhism. Buddha: Nothing is there! In other words, nothing means nothing. Therefore, the "Nothing Card" has been honored as a wish and a bodyguard. As a rumor, as long as the wish is written on the "nothing card", the wish can be realized, and the life is safe.

Because of these beautiful meanings, since the end of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, as long as the show is in Beijing to take the test, the family will wear a no-life card for them, hoping for a safe journey, thinking of success. And the peace of mind has also evolved over time, from the original no-textures slowly carved out the Guanyin, Buddha and other patterns, and there are more and more materials for the production of no cards, such as jade, jade and so on.

All in all, whether the objects that protect the peace are textured or unadorned, they are all spiritual, and the person who wears them is safe for life.

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