Ouman accessories double 12 super 4,495,000 orders worth glory to the summit

In 2017, the large-scale e-commerce shopping festival “Double 12-day cat year-end event” officially came to an end. The official flagship store of Auman’s accessories received a total of more than 4.95 million in the final orders and ended in glory, and became a strong player in the Tmall platform heavy truck accessories brand list. Become the focus of the heavy truck driver purchase.
Foton Daimler Foton Daimler Auman Super Truck

In response, industry sources stated that Auman’s accessories are still able to maintain a strong growth momentum in the highly competitive 12-strong promotion of many well-known brands, consistent with their consistent high quality standards and the principle of serving customers wholeheartedly. “No reason to return for seven days. "Three-package service" is not unrelated.

During the Double 12 event in 2017, Auman’s official flagship store accounted for an order amount of up to 4.95 million yuan and was awarded glory to the top, which was a year-on-year increase of 69%. Accumulated sales were as high as 10,781, a significant year-on-year increase.

Three core products jointly launch Three core products jointly launch

During the event, ISG dedicated 10k/30CI-4 (18L) for Fukang engine- specific diesel engine, 10k/30CI-4 (4L) for Fukang engine diesel engine oil, and A8096 air filter assembly for Daimler Super. Products, single product orders amounted to 1.23 million, 630,000, 82,000, respectively, Tmall platform industry single product category sales glory. It embodies the high recognition of Ouman's accessories products by the heavy-duty Kaka friends, which comprehensively confirms the overall superiority, durability and safety of Ouman accessories products.

The double 12 carnival has ended, but the pace of innovation and development of Auman will not stop. In the future, on the basis of providing high-quality heavy-duty accessories and comprehensive after-sales services for the majority of heavy-duty card members, Auman will continue to lead the development of the industry by breaking through the traditional innovation model and realize the ecological evolution of heavy-duty truck accessories.

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