How to match the color stockings with bright color stockings with what color dress

Now is not the old-fashioned age, and how fashion how to wear, how compelling how to dress, ballet clothes quinoa are women of color stockings with, so that the spring becomes more colorful, no matter what your age, dream ballet quinoa, love clothes Both, Batik let you more confident.


Photo credit: Barberry clothing are women's 2014 spring and summer new

Stockings is the sexy lure of every woman, do you all wander between black and color? Bid farewell to dull black, monotone color, so that color stockings to become the new fashion this season, rose red pantyhose match a color long-sleeved dress style, sweet and super-personality dress, absolutely let you put it down.

彩色丝袜怎么搭配服装 亮色丝袜配什么颜色连衣裙

Now black, stockings have been too common stockings, and how can this spring a little color dress it? This navy blue pantyhose coupled with a light yellow Puff Sleeve Princess dress, solid color dress style coupled with a dazzling pantyhose, a lot of dazzling.

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