Grape stone grade

The grade of grape stone is divided by color. The market thinks that the color of yellow-green is the best. White and colorless are relatively rare, so they are also sought after. Let's take a look at it.

Grape stone

High-quality grape stone will produce a "fluorescence" similar to the glass type of jade, very beautiful. The color of the grape stone is dark green - green gray green - green, green - yellow green yellow green - yellow, colorless, etc., occasionally gray. But in general, the green-tone grape stone, the color must be yellow or gray, the yellow-tone grape stone, usually the color is bright but not bright with gray tone, in general, the color is not pure enough . The good grape stones are usually aggregates, dark green. However, in general, this material has few single crystal facets due to the cleavage and development of single crystals, which is relatively rare.

Most of the common grape stones in the market are colorless grape stones produced in Hebei. And most of them are aggregates, which are very similar to colorless jade after processing. Therefore, some merchants will regard high-quality grape stone as a substitute for high-quality jade, please pay attention to the difference.

Grape stone

The grape stone is clean inside, the color is pleasing to the eye, the particles are large and round and full and the price is the standard. In the past one or two years, Grapevine has been deeply loved by many designers in the world, especially in Taiwan. The main reason is that in many natural gemstones with similar appearance of jade, the most favorable conditions for grapevine are the advantages. . The fine texture of the grape stone, the elegant light green, the transparency of the watery, the appearance of the top ice jade, and the price is economical.

However, the grape stone is the most advanced in yellow-green, and white and colorless are also popular. Due to the small amount of production, the general price is relatively expensive. The grade of grape stone can be divided by color. I hope the above introduction will help you.

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