Gold and silver coins as a new year of the new game collection potential

The Spring Festival is the most traditional and traditional festival in China, and it is also the most lively and ancient festival. In the Spring Festival, it is a favorite part of the child to give the child a crush on the old age. This year, many children have received “alternative” lucky money – such as 1 gram of small gold, 500 grams of silver, 1 ounce of panda silver, etc., the price ranges from a dozen yuan to several thousand yuan, and these small specifications Does "old money" gold and silver coins have a collection?

"New Year's money" gold and silver coins investment risk is small

The reporter learned that the "old money" gold and silver coins prevailing in the market this year, that is, a small-scale gold and silver investment, mostly from 1 gram to 5 grams, the sales price is relatively low. "The most popular spring festival is a small piece of gold with a weight of only 1 gram. A thin piece of gold foil is engraved with a blessing. The price is increased by 18 yuan / gram on the basis of the international gold price on the day; The golden arowana, the exquisite shape breaks the rigid edge of the traditional investment gold bar, and the price also follows the international gold price increase of 15 yuan / gram." A new gold jewelry counter staff on the third street of the new district introduced to the reporter, before the festival by the National Museum of China [ Weibo] Produced the "old money gold and silver coins" officially listed. This set of products includes a 5 gram gold coin and a 3 gram silver coin. The gold and silver coins are cast with the images of two ancient Chinese stories, "Kong Rong Pear" and "Smell Chicken Dance", which are also favored by many consumers.

"Using gold and silver coins to make old money can not only cultivate children's financial management concepts, but also the gold and silver coins have the potential for appreciation." Ms. Sun told reporters that the purchase of these small-sized gold and silver coins as a "credit money" investment risk is small, and can also avoid children's random flowers. money.

Small size gold and silver coins have great potential for collection

Speaking of the collection value of the "old money" gold and silver coins. Zuo Zhiping, vice president of the Tianjin Citizens' Collection Professional Committee, believes that small-sized gold and silver coins are among the many special gold and silver coins that have been issued, and the circulation is relatively small. Compared with ordinary gold and silver coins, the collection is relatively small. More potential. For example, there are only 1 gram gold coins on the market, only 1983 "Marco Polo" gold coin, 1990 Dragon and Phoenix gold coin, 1991 Panda gold coin, etc. In addition, 1997 classic literary classic "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" (Group 3) The gold coin is only 1/2 gram, which is the lightest gold coin issued by China so far.

In addition, in the popular gold and silver coins, generally between 1/20 ounces and 1 ounce, according to the current market conditions, the currency of different specifications has a large difference in the appreciation space. The smaller the specification, the lower the circulation and the lower the value. The bigger the space. Therefore, some experts expect that the gold-silver currency with a small size, such as 15 grams, has the largest appreciation space.

Gold and silver coins are still a good idea, so in many ways can avoid children spending money.

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