Feelfable brand women to create the perfect body line

Feelfable attaches great importance to the choice of fabric, fabric material is not limited to silk, cotton, wool and other natural materials, fabrics, there are many emerging technology fabrics. The special fabric texture, gorgeous and rich texture, but also improve the advanced taste of clothing, to give the wearer that comfortable and stylish dress feeling. In order to make better use of superior fabrics, Feelfable designers make the most clever thought, with exquisite tailoring process, as well as the full understanding of the Asian women's body shape and aesthetic, to create a wonderful ratio and lines, intended to express the natural beauty of women state.


Red dress highlights the elegant, very suitable for the New Year Oh Oh, indoors faded coat you are still the queen of the temperament, eye-catching No.1.

Feelfable品牌女装 营造绝伦身材线条

Black and white classic dress with a very British range of children, striped design is very layered, as well as the cute taste of the cake skirt, the winter as a very good ride within the built Oh.

Wool Blend Fabric refers to wool fibers that have been blended will both natural or man-made fibers in order to produce a material that possesses qualities of each fiber. Generally, wool can be blended with Alpaca, cashmere, silk, nylon, rabbit hair and linen etc.

XINGTENG offers a variety of blends so that you may choose the material best suited for your end result.

Wool Blend Fabric

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