Excursions on the weekend tread baby should wear what clothes

Spring is coming. At the weekend, about three or five friends bring their own children to travel Ta-Chun. It is more and more people's choice. On the one hand, they can increase the friendship between friends and on the other hand they can broaden their horizons and train their children. Cheerful, outgoing personality. Want children to have fun, in addition to choose a good location, the choice of clothing is equally important.


Figure: baby beans Ding Dong 2014 spring and summer new clothes

, Hit a few insects is inevitable, moms can choose a long-sleeved clothing for the baby to avoid mosquito bites, like this watermelon red striped chiffon dress is a very good choice, lace, bow and Veil dress is also a very good girl's lovely and delicate.

周末外出郊游踏春 宝贝应该穿什么衣服

Figure: baby beans Ding Dong 2014 spring and summer new clothes

To be on the move better, for the choice of clothing should be relaxed, casual, comfortable, stitching lapel T-shirt with white washed denim shorts is more appropriate dress, a pair of denim fabric canvas shoes so that the overall Look harmony, tide Child's play dress easy to get.

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