Dalian Heavy Industry Joins Hands with Brazilian Enterprises to Develop Gearbox Market

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China Drying Network News Recently, Dalian Heavy Industry (002204) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Brazil's Woodbrook Drive Systems Group. Both parties intend to jointly explore the international market.

Woodbrook Power Transmission Group is one of the famous transmission equipment suppliers in Brazil and even in South America. The main products are various standard and non-standard gear boxes, gear motors and couplings. The products are widely used in mining, paper, food, power generation, Sugar and alcohol, petroleum, chemical and other fields. In 2011, the Group’s sales were US$200 million.

According to the agreement, Woodbrook appointed Dalian Heavy Industries as its sole partner for manufacturing in China. Dalian Heavy Industries produces gearbox products for its standards and requirements and is responsible for the promotion of its brand products in China. The two parties jointly develop and Dalian Heavy Industry is responsible for manufacturing a new series of standard gearboxes, which are used to meet the market demand including Dalian Heavy Industry's mainframe users. At the same time, Woodbrook is responsible for the promotion of Dalian Heavy Industry brand products in the Brazilian and South American markets. Both parties will also serve after-sales service for the other gearbox products in their respective countries and jointly develop international markets outside China and Brazil.

Song Jiajing, Chairman of Dalian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., said that Dalian Heavy Industries and Brazil’s Woodbrook Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. This is the first time that Dalian Heavy Industry’s gearbox products have entered the Brazilian market, which is of great significance to the company’s opening up of the South American market, and is also an international business strategy of Dalian Heavy Industry. The key component. At present, the two sides have started substantive cooperation. Dalian Heavy Industries and Woodbrook Group jointly manufactured 72 crane gearboxes and one standard gearbox to provide products and services to a Brazilian oil customer with a contract value of 3 million yuan.

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