Calculation and selection method of flotation machine

Type flotation equipment, specifications selection and determine the nature of the ore, equipment performance, scale beneficiation plant, processes, structure, and other factors related to the division series. Pay attention to the selection of flotation machine:

1. Ore properties and selection operations For high-concentration and specific ore, high-concentration flotation methods are generally used to reduce the sedimentation velocity of the ore particles and reduce the deposition of ore particles. Therefore, a high-energy mechanical agitation flotation machine should be used. The flotation machine delivers pulp at a high speed, has a high mixing capacity, and is easy to start after shutdown. In the low-grade sulfide ore flotation process, low-speed inflation is more favorable for the sorting effect. For ore that is prone to viscous foam during the flotation process, a flotation machine with a larger aeration volume should be selected. The selected job is to improve the grade of the concentrate, the foam layer should be thinner, to create conditions for better separation of the gangue, so the selection should be different from the flotation machine for rough selection and sweeping.

2. According to the reasonable choice of the slurry flow rate to ensure the selection effect, it is necessary to ensure that the slurry in each flotation tank has a certain residence time. If the time is too short or too long, the loss of useful minerals will occur, so the flotation machine specifications Must be compatible with the size of the concentrator.

3. Determine the specification and quantity of flotation machine through technical and economic comparison. In the comparison of schemes, general comparison should be made in the selection of indicators, operating expenses, operation management, maintenance and overhaul, but the selection factor should be the dominant factor.

4. Pay attention to the quality of equipment manufacturing and the supply of spare parts and spare parts.

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