Bishui source has strong R&D and innovation vitality for three consecutive times as a major environmental protection technology equipment support unit

On February 26th, the state officially issued the first “Group of Major Environmental Protection Technologies and Equipment Encouraged by the State (2017) Relying on the Unit”. Beijing Bishuiyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was re-elected to become “ultra-low pressure selective nanofiltration membrane (DF membrane)”. The only reliance on the unit. It is reported that the second national scientific and technological progress second prize won by Bishuiyuan Company on January 8th this year was "The Membrane-integrated Urban Wastewater Deep Purification Technology and Engineering Application" which is based on DF membrane as the core technology and equipment.

The "Encouragement Catalogue" was jointly formulated and issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Science and Technology. It aims to guide the connection of R&D and industrialization of major environmental protection technology equipment, accelerate the popularization and application of new technologies, new products and new equipment, improve the level of environmental protection equipment manufacturing, and promote environmental protection. The industry has continued to develop healthily and is currently released in 3 editions. The latest edition was released on December 27, 2017.

Bishuiyuan's "Encouragement Catalogue" in 2011 has become the supporting unit for "membrane bioreactor", "submerged membrane filtration water treatment equipment" and "membrane material", and continues to be a "membrane bioreactor" in the "Encourage Catalogue" of the 2014 edition. “Relying units for seawater desalination using reverse osmosis coupled process” and “Nanofiltration membrane” are the supporting units. This is the third time that Bishuiyuan Company has become the “Encourage Catalog”-supported unit, and it has become the only water treatment company that has become the “Encourage Catalog” support unit for three consecutive times.

With its technological innovation as the soul, Bishuiyuan Company has been developing R&D as the company's core work since its establishment in 2001. It invests 10% of its net profit attributable to the parent company into technology research and development every year. There are nearly 1,000 research and development talents and nearly 500 patented technologies. It is the only high-tech environmental protection enterprise and environmental protection equipment leading enterprise that integrates a full range of membrane material development, a full range of membrane production and equipment manufacturing, and membrane technology. As a clear-cut weapon for the secondary development of clear water sources, ultra-low pressure selective nanofiltration membrane (DF membrane) is the world's first membrane water treatment technology and equipment that has cost hundreds of millions of RMB to develop, industrialize, and realize engineering applications after 6 years. It can be applied to the advanced treatment of wastewater and the treatment of micro-pollutants in drinking water. The new membrane water source (MBR-DF) combined with membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology can fundamentally solve water pollution and water resources. The shortage problem provides strategic support for solving the water problems in China.

Mixing Machine, in a word, is a kind of machine to mix two kind of materials or more than two kind of material together in a ratio. There are several types of mixers using for mixing powder and small granule. 

Mixing machine includes:

Ribbon Blender:The outer ribbon push the material from the two ends to the centre, inner ribbon push the material from center to the two ends.Thus to achieve material convention

The discharging port is set in the bottom centre, with the help of the outer ribbon,the material can be discharged completely, and no dead zone.

Ribbon blender

Double screw cone mixer: double screw cone mixer is a convective mixer with high mixing efficiency. It is gentle and guarantees the highest level of mixing accuracy without product distortion. 

The rotating cantilevered (free hanging) mixing screws convey the product from bottom of the vessel to the product surface. The mixing screws are suspended from an orbital arm, which rotates the mixing screws along the conical inner vessel wall causing convective mixing of particles and shear.

The speed of particles in the downward massflow when recirculated by gravity in a conical vessel increases as the vessel diameter decreases. The result of these simultaneous actions is a fast and intensive mixing with low consumption of power together with high standards of mixing accuracy.

double screw cone mixer is widely used for mixing and homogenization of powders and pastes in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Double screw cone mixerDouble screw cone mixer

Mixing Machine

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