Application of Intelligent Robot in Enterprise Management

Application of Intelligent Robot in Enterprise Management The society is advancing. With the continuous development of science and technology, it is inevitable to use technology products to speed up enterprise management and improve the efficiency of enterprise management.

The intelligent robot belongs to the "third generation robot" and it possesses four kinds of functions: motor function, perceptual function, thinking function and human-machine communication function. Intelligent robots are robots that can make decision-making actions using sensory and recognition functions.

The advantages and disadvantages of smart robots in enterprise management. The advantages are: First, intelligent robots can greatly improve production efficiency and efficiency. Reduce production costs and production costs. The second is that it can work 24 hours a day without affecting emotions, fatigue and environmental conditions. Can work all the time, work hard. Third, there is no need to pay wages. It only requires maintenance and repairs. Only need to provide power, such as electricity and other energy. Fourth, the quality of products produced is stable and reliable. As long as the program is error-free, it can continuously produce products with no defect rate, resulting in a high yield. There is no need for a large number of employees involved in quality management work. Fifth, because of its high efficiency, only a small number of robots are required to complete the workload that a large number of human workers have completed. Sixth, large-scale, single-species, and mass-production products can be produced according to the procedures. Seventh, there is no need to arrange a large number of management personnel to supervise and control intelligent robots. Only a small amount of robotic experts need to be manipulative.

The disadvantages are: First, due to the relatively high cost of intelligent robots, the investment cost at the initial stage of purchase is high. And human workers do not need to invest so much in factories. Second, if there is a program error in the intelligent robot, it may damage the production, resulting in a large number of defective products. Third, the maintenance and maintenance of intelligent robots are more complicated. If there are no special maintenance and maintenance personnel in the factory, it will cause the production line to stop. Furthermore, the cost of maintenance and maintenance of intelligent robots is high. Fourth, in the production of “small-scale, multi-variety, and small-batch”, there will be complex and difficult to adapt situations. It takes time and effort to adjust new procedures. Fifth, after the use of a smart robot for a certain period of time, there will be aging and functional degradation. At this time, the company has to purchase an upgraded version of the new robot, which will add a lot of new purchase costs.

The application of intelligent robots will inevitably bring about great changes in the internal efficiency of enterprises, and the widespread application of intelligent robots will be overwhelming.

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