One down side too Yun-coal technology security measures expose Note: 1. The next section of the surface will be transported to the fault at 427m. 2. Construction of the Taiyuan No. 1 surface to the 446m variable level roadway. 3. Taishao No. 1 operation is expected to see the bottom coal seam flo
Home textiles are home textiles, and some people call it soft decoration. What we are saying now is that the textile industry has been developed and can be divided into three small fasts, one of which is a piece of clothing and one piece of industrial textiles. The remaining textiles are all hom
1. The layout of the bottom hole yard should be comprehensively analyzed and determined according to the geological conditions, the transportation mode of the main road, the transportation volume, the relative position of the wellbore and the transportation lane, and the layout of the ground product
By pressing rubber and plastic together, chemists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln simplified the production of small fluid transport channels that can drive the motion of soft robots and enable chemistry at the microscopic scale. analysis. This technology creates stronger chemical bonds bet